Sample Maui Property Marketing Page

Marketing Objective

I. Objectives:

• To maximize exposure of the property for buyers in the market.
• To maximize the appeal of the property from the point of contact with the consumer (i.e. photography, video, copy, personal tours, internet, print, etc.)
• To maximize exposure of the property for Hawaii Realtors representing buyers in the market.

Property Showing Feedback

Agent XYZ showing feedback- This agent showed the property last week Friday. My observation was that his client really liked the home and that they are considering an offer. I will be calling the agent to follow up and encourage an offer.
Buyer ABC showing feedback- I showed the property on Monday to John and Jane Doe. The buyers are from San Francisco which makes sense considering that many buyers for this property come from this area. They were well qualified buyers who liked the property, I will be following up with them to see what additional information they require and to encourage them to write an offer.

Sample of Real Time Email Communication Regarding the Property

Forwarded message

From: Jeremy Stice, R(S) <>
Date: Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 10:16 AM
Subject: Maui Marketing Page Sample Communication Email
To: Jeremy Stice <>


When we receive inquires on the property from buyers or agents we will include them in the notes section here of this page so that you as the seller know exactly what correspondence is taking place in real time on this property. We will either cut and paste it as a note like I am doing here or simply link the email to the page with this page’s unique URL. You will see the little tab for the email listed on the page in addition to this note.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is valuable communication to you as a seller?

Jeremy Stice Realtor (S) Maui, Hawaii
(808)281.2178 Direct
161 Wailea Ike Drive Suite #C-103
Skype: SticeonMaui
Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers-Wailea, Maui Hawaii

Open House Schedule

Open House 1/22/12 from 1-3 pm- open house feedback provided here based off what took place during this day.
Open House 1/25/12 from 9-12
Open House 1/28/12 from 3-6 pm

Broker's Open

Escrow Company Sponsor?
Broker/agent “call around”
Email blast to Maui board to invite
Sphere of influence invite

Web Marketing Efforts  

Mahana Video Blog/Website Live on is the value proposition website for this property.

Video Tour of Mahana property

Mahana 608 on

You will see that this listing is optimized to the top of the search bar on the left side of the window- the top 4 spots are always Hawaii Life listings.

You can help promote the property yourself by commenting on it or sharing it on your Facebook account.

Mahana # 608 on

Mahana 608 on

This website will syndicate the listing out to many national sites including: Zillow, Trulia, Hotpad, etc.